shall we write our own? Re: [Beowulf] O'Reilly Clusters Book Review

Joachim Worringen joachim at
Mon Feb 28 01:46:08 PST 2005

Ryan Sweet wrote:
> Here's what I propose: let's make a " Guide to Linux 
> Clustering", or whatever the heck else you want to call it.   Let us 
> outline, review, improve, and comment on it here on this mailing list.  
> Here's the hard part - lets also set a deadline, with realistic goals, 
> and try to stick to it.  Lets assign any publishing rights or other 
> "details" like that to the FSF or Linux Documentation Project.
> Second, please take this opportunity to tell me why this is a bad idea, 
> and while your at it send your comments on the questions above.

I'd say a wiki would be an easier start as it is self-organizing. 
Depending on how it develops, you can still turn it into a book.


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