[Beowulf] Re: RE: S2466 Wake on Lan working, anyone?

Maurice Hilarius maurice at harddata.com
Fri Feb 25 22:10:48 PST 2005

"David Mathog" <mathog at mendel.bio.caltech.edu> wrote:

>The more I learn about Tyan the less I like them. Surely they've
>known all there is to know about the broken WOL for at least
>3 years, yet they didn't ever post the reason for the lack of WOL
>function in their FAQ section for this motherboard.  Could it
>possibly be that they didn't want to lose sales by admitting
>the board couldn't do WOL in a manner that was of any use
>to anybody?
We sold a lot of those boards, and I could not remember any claims for 
WOL support, so I went looking through the literature.
Can you show me an instance of something where Tyan claim they provide 
WOL support on this board?
Looking here:

I see no reference to WOL.
Looking at their FAQ i see no mention of WOL:

They DO sell a server management card that provides equivalent 
capability plus other features:

While I understand that you want this to work, I see no reason to 
complain that they do not properly support something they never claimed 
to provide.
That they even tried to help at their tech support strikes me as going 
beyond the call of duty.

Could it be that you are expecting too much? And bitter about not 
getting your way?

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