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Hey Gang,

I've been called in at the last moment to "consult" on the purchase of a
cluster for a sequencing project.  Admittedly, I know nothing about life
science clusters, despite having been subscribed to this list from its
inception.  I am not making any money on this consulting, just helping out
a neighbouring academic lab.  So what I know at this point is that they
have about $Cdn 200K to spend.  They hae already talked to Sun, and Sun is
offering them a "sweetheart" deal for (something) at about $120k.  My only
exposure is to a G4/G5 cluseter from BioTeam.  I am impressed with it
andit works really well for my purposes, and Im guessing it would work
well for theirs too.  I'm guessing a linux cluster would perfrom nicely
too. The lab currently does not have a bioinforatician, but I thnik they
have money for one.  I'll probably just end up pointing them to Glen, Joe
, and Chris, but any advice, suggestions, and pointers to where I can get 
a little more familiarity, well shucks, that would really be swell.


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