[Beowulf] Re: WW Fedora Student questions help

streich at uwm.edu streich at uwm.edu
Tue Feb 22 23:12:33 PST 2005

> but part of this class is also setting up monitoring and benchmarking tools
> and tests to get overall proformance and what not of my cluster...

Check out MRTG and Ganglia on the net for monitoring.  I know that MRTG is
avalible as a RedHat package that can be installed from distro's install CDs,
but it is probably best to get it in source code and configure it to meet your
needs.  Ganglia is powerful, it is used by a lot of clusters running ROCKs.

> And setting up and running some parrallel Applications ... Im very interested
> getting more into clusters so was wondering if anyone has any tools or scripts
> or anything i can setup and test on my fedora warewulf setup just to get
> experience Also i really need some computational or Sim type app's or any type
> of cluster parrallel application i can play with to get the hang of them so i
> can move on to makeing my own applications this would be a HUGE help

Hot topics that are using clusters include astronomical models, biology (human
genome stuff), and all sorts of things.  Our cluster is dedicated to
atmospheric research (in particular studying fluffy white clouds most
atmospheric researchers aren't as intrested in as storms and such) running
COAMPs and wrf (MPI based programs).

I suppose the real question is: what type of problem are you intrested in?

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