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Ole W. Saastad ole at scali.com
Fri Feb 18 02:20:04 PST 2005

with all the argument about performance of so called Swiss
Army Knife (SAK) MPIs I have uploaded four runs of the HPCC 
benchmark to the HPCC benchmark web site to show the performance 
of a single cluster with a single SAK MPI running with four different
Interconnects, GigaBit Ethernet (tcp), SCI, Myrinet and InfiniBand.

The results can be found at :


Look for the Dell PowerEdge 2650 cluster with 32 CPUs.

The results show that it is possible to have a SAK MPI that 
show acceptable performance for a multiple of interconnects.  

The SAK MPIs are of great value for the application
vendors as they are free from the extra work involved with 
a new MPI implementation for every interconnect. 
In addition an application can be moved without changes 
from one cluster with one interconnect to another cluster 
with yet another interconnect.

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