[Beowulf] Re: Re: Home beowulf - NIC latencies

Rossen Dimitrov rossen at VerariSoft.Com
Tue Feb 15 06:28:28 PST 2005

> One person alone can't do this. The best place to discuss such things is 
> the MPI users group meeting (EuroPVM/MPI, this year in Capri/Italy).
> Also, adding mpi.h to the standard to define an ABI is a good thing.
>  Joachim

In a conversation with MPI and tool developers and I once mentioned that 
not defining a standard/mandatory mpi.h was probably a missed 
opportunity for improving interoperability of MPI. I was then told by a 
member of the MPI-1 Forum that this was done on purpose. This makes me 
think that we will not see an ABI definition for MPI any time soon.


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