[Beowulf] Home Beowulf Intial Startup Question

Eric Machala emac at cybergps.net
Sat Feb 12 11:30:17 PST 2005

    Hi all im semi new to beowulf's but very knowledge or computer and 
netowrk technologies i am building a 20 node dell optiplex 1.9 ghz 256 ram 
blah blah nodes wondering first off if master control is recommened to be 
same or better than nodes and what is recommened Linux O/s redhat or 
mandrake etc... or anyones recommendations
    Im also looking for some links or resources for tools aka software like 
parallel kernel upgrades moniter tools anything  for setting up Linux 
beowulf to make  this go smoothly

Eric M
Network Admin/CF
Emac at cybergps.net

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