[Beowulf] cooling question: cfm per rack?

Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Sat Feb 12 06:49:03 PST 2005

> if your pressure is reasonably even, the same tiles should flow the 
> same CFM.  I'd LOVE to find some way to measure airflow, since I'd 
> actually consider doing things like adding patches of duct tape to 
> the underside of too-high-flow tiles.  I suppose that the empiricist
> approach is just to sample all your system temperatures, and if some 
> are too high, reduce the airflow to racks which are "too cool".

Relative airflow can probably be measured with a kid's toy -- one of the
little pinwheels -- and counting revolutions with a stopwatch.
Normalizing that to absolute airflow in CFM is a bit tricky (since the
result depends to some extent on the resistance imposed by the measuring
apparatus) but somebody out there may have designed a version of this
with a real fan and magnets set so that the counting is done
electronically.  In fact, I could build something to do this out of OTC
parts if I had any way to normalize the count.


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