[Beowulf] How-TO Mysql on Lam-cluster?

Mikhail Kuzminsky kus at free.net
Mon Feb 7 09:37:17 PST 2005

In message from "Rahul Manglekar" <rcmanglekar at rediffmail.com> (7 Feb 
2005 14:17:05 -0000):
>hi all..,
>i have setup up LAM-MPI cluster on 3 machine for testing.
>i want do put mysql on cluster..,, 
>such that if mysql need more processor power , 
>it can use processor power of all nodes that are present in cluster.
   No. Usual MySQL isn't capable to use cluster nodes in parallel.
But you  may work w/special software which allows to split your 
database between cluster nodes. You may find the corresponding
information at mysql site or also search Beowulf maillist archive
(if I remember right, it was some discussion of databases in cluster

Mikhail Kuzminsky
Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry
>i am using MySQL-4.0.
>can u guide me please..
>thank you in advance..
>-- Rahul..

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