[Beowulf] Newbie Question

Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Sun Feb 6 06:15:56 PST 2005

On Sat, 5 Feb 2005, Monang Setyawan wrote:

> Hi. I'm a newbie in this parallel computing thing. 
> (sorry for my bad english, I'm Indonesian)
> My current project is a software that analyze DNA/Protein sequence
> data that needs high performance aspect on it. I plan to deploy this
> software on network of workstations (mm, may be just about 10 PCs on
> the network). Am I in wrong place now?
> I am going to use message passing paradigm (MPI) to write the
> software. I've read that there are several choice of MPI
> implementation. The problem is, I'm bad in both C or Fortran (I
> usually use Java as my favorite language). Some source said that Java
> (or it's MPI wrapper or pure MPI implementation) isn't good enough to
> implement a parallel computing solution. Is that right?
> My third question is, is there any pdf/ps/one file version of
> "Engineering a Beowulf-style Compute Cluster''?

On my personal website, on brahma, both.  Follow the links for beowulf
and beowulf book on my personal page, or use google with "beowulf book
pdf" to go right there.

Also, there are images for both US letter and Euro A4 there, as you
might have either kind of printer/paper.


> Thanks in advance.

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