[Beowulf] SGE web frontends

Andrew D. Fant fant at pobox.com
Fri Feb 4 13:27:47 PST 2005

Brian Henerey wrote:
> I don't mean to hijack this thread, but I'd also be interested to know 
> if there are any open source web frontends for launching jobs on 
> clusters. I've mostly written my own anyway, but if something's out 
> there I'd like to know.
> Thanks,
> Brian Henerey

Most of this is admittedly not open-source, but it is what I can think 
of off the top of my head for web/gui cluster front end tools.

I think Platform explored a web front end for LSF after they killed off 
the xlsf tools.  The tool I have seen lately that I would be more 
interested in seeing more of is Auger from the Jefferson Laboratory in 
Norfolk.  Technically it's not a web front end, because it's a java 
front end tool, but it looks nice in any case.  Most of the true web 
front ends for cluster jobs that I have seen are application specific 
portals.  NCSA has some examples, and PNL has a nice distributed web 
front end for computation chemistry applications, as well.


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