[Beowulf] Newbie Question

Monang Setyawan monang at gmail.com
Fri Feb 4 11:23:13 PST 2005

Hi. I'm a newbie in this parallel computing thing. 
(sorry for my bad english, I'm Indonesian)

My current project is a software that analyze DNA/Protein sequence
data that needs high performance aspect on it. I plan to deploy this
software on network of workstations (mm, may be just about 10 PCs on
the network). Am I in wrong place now?

I am going to use message passing paradigm (MPI) to write the
software. I've read that there are several choice of MPI
implementation. The problem is, I'm bad in both C or Fortran (I
usually use Java as my favorite language). Some source said that Java
(or it's MPI wrapper or pure MPI implementation) isn't good enough to
implement a parallel computing solution. Is that right?

My third question is, is there any pdf/ps/one file version of
"Engineering a Beowulf-style Compute Cluster''?

Thanks in advance.

For the sake of time..

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