[Beowulf] SGE web frontends

Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
Fri Feb 4 11:33:30 PST 2005

There are web interfaces to SGE, and there are web interfaces to grids ...

I think the important aspect of this is the marketing use of the term 
"Grid" in a name.

Way back in high school, they used to teach us that what was in a 
name was exactly opposite of what it really was...  A bit cynical, but 
amazingly effective at cutting through marketing.

Globus is glue.  Middleware.  There are portals atop globus.  SGE 
(despite its name) is a job scheduler.  As is LSF.  And others.

The short version of things are that in order to get a web interface to 
SGE, one need not go through the joy of Globus, especially as Globus will 
not in and of itself get you where you want to go.

GridPort I knew of.  The other I did not.  


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