[Beowulf] Re: What vendors would you be sure to check out?

Michael Will mwill at penguincomputing.com
Fri Dec 30 13:45:34 PST 2005

Note that the votes for Penguin where not from me since
I work there and therefore chose not to vote ;-)

In regards to IPMI 2.0 - that is mostly encryption stuff
and the serial over lan feature.

Does supermicro have the encryption stuff or is it like with
our implementation that you basically have IPMI 1.5 plus that
one 2.0 feature serial-over-lan but without any of the actual
2.0 encryption framework?

remote power up and down is IPMI 1.5.


Dan Stromberg wrote:

>First of all, thanks much to all who responded!
>Here's the summary I promised:
>- Vendor from scalableinformatics.com indicates they are pleased with
>  the Sun x86_64 systems they're selling.  They also sell some systems
>  (they built?) with iWill motherboards.  They don't like Tyan's that
>  much anymoe.
>- Dell
>- Appro
>- http://www.rackable.com
>- Penguin
>- RocketCalc
>- Another Sun x86_64 recommendation
>- A third Sun x86_64 recommendation
>- A fourth recommendation for Sun x86_64
>- A second Penguin recommendation
>- http://www.aslab.com
>- Joe Landmann's company: They build'em, but they use only quality
>  components
>- IBM, but only at a price premium
>- A recommendation against Dell, due to having only recently started
>  doing AMD, and due to frequently insisting on selling a microsoft
>  license with each box.  Also, they will sometimes send parts other
>  than what you requested, unless you specifically say you want no
>  substitutions.
>- Another iWill recommendation - this time specifically for a barebones
>  system
>- Someone from LiquidComputing suggests LiquidComputing boxes
>So in short, that's:
>3  Sun x86_64
>0  Dell (1 + -1)
>1  Appro
>1  Rackable
>2  Penguin
>1  RocketCalc
>1  iWill
>-1 Tyan
>1  aslab
>1  Joe Landmann's co
>1  IBM
>1  LiquidComputing (1 from vendor itself)
>Further, on the subject of remote administration:
>- A recommendation for IMPI.  Supermicro has stuff that can do IMPI 2
>  and you can configure the BIOS to send BIOS info via serial, and can
>  remote powerup/down via ethernet
>- Someone says that Sun v20z and v40z can do IPMI and can send BIOS to
>  serial.  Galaxy line is purported to do IPMI 1.5.
>On Mon, 2005-12-19 at 23:01 -0800, Dan Stromberg wrote:
>>If you were shopping for about 25 nodes for MPI and OpenMP, each one
>>dual core and dual processor, each one 64 bit x86 to run linux, with
>>remote administration including system reset and bios tweaking, what
>>vendors would you make sure not to neglect checking into?
>>Please reply off list, and I'll summarize.
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