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Joe Landman landman at scalableinformatics.com
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Hi Pere:

   What computations will your users run on the system?  This 
effectively dictates the design you will need.  MPI intensive 
calculations may need specific types of networks.  Floating point heavy 
or Integer heavy calculations will also factor into your decisions. 
Heavy memory traffic  or extremely low latency random memory access will 
additionally be something you want to consider.

   If you can answer any of these things, please let us know.


Pere Urbón Bayes wrote:
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> On my Dept. they wanted to build a cluster, but I have no idea about
> this technology. Can any one of you indicate me some links about the
> diferent technology's into this world?
> I know something about mosix and open-mosix, but I know that there are
> some other technique's like PVM and PMI or beowulf. How about this
> technology's, I think that they implicate to change the programming
> technique, isn't it?
> How about the machines, I think that we can buy smallest machines that
> we could find. Were I could buy this machines? I also lyke if any one of
> you could help on my task, because im a little beat lost on my hardware
> research.
> Best Regards, and many thanks for your help.
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