[Beowulf] Open InfiniBand

Daniel Pfenniger daniel.pfenniger at obs.unige.ch
Wed Dec 21 00:55:55 PST 2005


We have a cluster with InfiniBand network that works flawlessly.  The problem is
that the binary IB drivers are proprietary, and the company has been recently
absorbed by a larger one, which means that the driver support for Mellanox
cards is now frozen.
The proprietary drivers prevents to upgrade or tweak the kernel, or to use
a recent version of mpich2 (with MPI 2 and one-sided communications).

Fortunately OpenIB (openib.org) has published open source drivers which are
included in the latest kernels >= 2.6.14.
Before exploring this option I just want to ask the list if anyone has used the
OpenIB drivers for production work, in particular with an open source MPI?

Thanks, Dan

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