[Beowulf] Software Raid

Sean Dilda agrajag at dragaera.net
Wed Dec 14 06:29:12 PST 2005

Vincent Diepeveen wrote:

> Not everyone is using raid arrays, so not all situations have been 
> debugged yet. And the support for this in software is not that new.
> Just a few years old. Just fixing tcp/ip protocol took what was 
> it 20 years in unix or so?
> And be sure that there is bugs. So doing a hardware XOR (or whatever) in
> RAM of the raid controller instead of in the software, is a huge advantage.

Let me get this straight.   You say that support for software raid in 
linux is not new.  I agree with you on this.  However, as I understand 
it, most hardware raid is handled by firmware on the hardware.  And even 
if it isn't, the chips that do the work are of relatively new design. 
So what you're saying is that you'd much rather trust you're data to 
something that was designed within the past year to existing code that's 
been tested in and out of production for years and found to be reliable?

Please excuse me if I disagree and say I'd prefer to go with the proven 

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