[Beowulf] MPI Fortran I/O Issues

Timo R. Mechler timo at luther.edu
Sun Dec 4 16:57:43 PST 2005

Hi all,

I have written a simple Fortran program with MPI that prompts the user 
for input values.  Now the code is sound and compiles with mpif77, 
however when I go to execute it with mpirun, I always get the following 

list in: end of file
apparent state: unit 5 (unnamed)
last format: list io
lately reading direct formatted external IO

The cluster I'm using this on is a 6x Dual 750mhz, 512mb ram, running 
Rocks 3.3.0

Any ideas as to why I might be getting this error? MPI code that doesn't 
ask for user input (i.e. "hardwired" values) seems to run just fine on 
the cluster. Thanks in advance for the help.

Best Regards,

-Timo Mechler

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