[Beowulf] fast interconnects

Jim Lux James.P.Lux at jpl.nasa.gov
Mon Dec 5 06:13:27 PST 2005

There's all kinds of useful things one can do if you have a multi Gbit/sec 
interconnect.  Various signal processing (Synthetic Aperture Radar 
processing, Hyperspectral imaging compression, signal analysis) spring 
immediately to mind.  Modern processors are fast enough to do a lot of the 
hard work, the problem has been getting the data in and out (a 1 GFLOP 
processor doesn't buy you much if the data rate in and out is 60+ 
Megatransfer/second (=133 MHz:2 (1 in, 1 out)))

The interconnect speed is what drives folks to incredibly expensive ASIC or 
FPGA solutions.

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