[Beowulf] Prioritising Pending Jobs

Jenno Claesson jennoclaesson at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 1 08:43:08 PST 2005

My question surrounds the submission of jobs into two separate queues, 
assuming I have only one host on which to run the jobs.

If I have two queues, is there a way that I can have jobs submitted in one 
queue, run before jobs that were previously submitted in another queue.  I 
am happy to wait for any currently running jobs to finish, and as such I 
don't really want to use subordinate_list, because I do not want to effect 
any running jobs.  All I want to do, is ensure that the job in my "high 
priority" queue, is the next job to be run from the "Pending Jobs" list.

I also don't want to have to use the -p option at submit time.  Essentially, 
all I want is a high-priority queue, and a low priority queue.


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