[Beowulf] SGE Queue Priorities

Jenno Claesson jennoclaesson at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 1 03:12:19 PST 2005


We are implementing as our Resource Manager the Sun Grid Engine v6 ( N1GE6) 
(Not Enterprise Edition), and as part of that I am trying to understand how 
to establish the priority of a job submitted in one queue, over a job 
submitted earlier in a different queue.

I have setup the following configurations on my laptop using VMWare with 
RedHat and the Grid Engine.

If I have two queues configured, with the only difference being the 
priority, and the queue name.  The modified values from the defaults are 
Parameter	Queue 1	Queue 2
qname	Queue1	Queue2
hostlist	RedHatLocal RedHatLocal
priority	20	-20
slots	1	1

Other modifications
- For the single execution host (RedHatLocal), the only modification to the 
execution host is to give it a slots value of 1 to make it easy to track 
which jobs are being sent through to it from the queues (complex_values  
- I have also modified the scheduler configuration (qconf -msconf) setting 
reprioritize_interval to 0:0:3.

What I am expecting is that if I have a number of pending jobs for Queue1, 
if I then submit a job explicitly to Queue2, that the job submitted to 
Queue2 should be the next job to run.  However this is not the behaviour 
that I see.  What I am seeing is the jobs being executed in their sequential 
(FIFO) order.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

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