[Beowulf] LSF and cpu factor

Mark Hahn hahn at physics.mcmaster.ca
Thu Aug 25 05:56:44 PDT 2005

> i need the correct value of the cpu factor relative to default value (1) 
> in LSF. "lsinfo -M" command lists the predefined architectures and their 
> properties but i couldn't information about following architectures 
> (output of the "lim -t" command),
> SUNWSunFireV210_1002_sparcv9 : sunfire v210 2 cpu cluster
> SUNWSunFire15000_900_sparcv9 : sunfire12k smp machine

why not just look up representative values in 
?  IIRC, Platform says they derive their numbers from spec anyway.

besides, these numbers make very little difference - 
don't they simply bias the scheduler towards running jobs 
on faster machines first?  in my experience, users will have 
more jobs queued than you can run, so every machine will remain
busy and the speed-bias doesn't matter.

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