[Beowulf] PBS scheduler error

Mark Hahn hahn at physics.mcmaster.ca
Sat Aug 20 07:52:07 PDT 2005

> PBS Job Id: 31.bee00.bee-hive
> Job Name:   firstscp
> File stage in failed, see below.
> Job will be retried later, please investigate and correct problem.
> Post job file processing error; job 31.bee00.bee-hive on host bee01/1+bee01/0
> Unable to copy file 31.bee00.be.OU to bee00.bee-hive:/home/niyazi/cikislog
> >>> error from copy
> rcmd: getaddrinfo: Temporary failure in name resolution

I don't know PBS syntax, but this makes it sound like an execution host
can't properly resolve (DNS, hosts, etc) bee00.bee-hive.  do you actually
need to use scp for this?  it looks like your exec hosts have access to 
/home anyway, so why not skip the scp part?

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