[Beowulf] Reg. making a cluster with 1200 nodes

Kavi Arasu kaviarasu at gmail.com
Sat Aug 13 09:07:46 PDT 2005

hi all,
i am a BE (cse) student from india. In my college there are 1200 terminals 
with all are connected in LAN through OFC cable. I would like to make a 
cluster with all this terminals and achive speed in terms of teraflops. My 
menagement also ready to help me. till now i try with openmosix(only 3 
nodes) but now i need software that give high performance. So that i need a 
clear idea about which software is useful for this purpose . 

These are the architecture which use 

architecture OS no. of machine (approx.)

X86 Linux / Windos 500
X86 Windows (only) 400
X86 Linux (only) 200
power PC yellow dog/Mac 30
ultrasparc solaris 1

And also i expect some good idea to proceed further..

/ Kaviarasu A
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