[Beowulf] how can I know that a hard disk died?

Dimitri Antoniou dimitri at risc1.aecom.yu.edu
Thu Aug 11 10:46:56 PDT 2005


 We have a 16-node HP LC1000 cluster, with 3 hard disks
 managed by hardware RAID.

 Recently, a hard disk died, and we only found out
 when we went to the room the cluster stays
 and noticed a failure light on the disk.

 Now, this room is in a separate building in campus
 and we can't really travel there daily to check the disks.
 Is there a way to check from the command line
 if all 3 disks operate?
 As I said above, this is hardware RAID.

 When the disk died, the system didn't notify us,
 and we haven't found any message in log files,
 at least not anything obvious.

 Thanks for the help,

 Dimitri Antoniou
 Department of Biophysics
 Albert Einstein College of Medicine      
 office : (718) 430 3332 
 fax    : (718) 430 8819 
 email  : antoniou at aecom.yu.edu                 

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