[Beowulf] 90nm opteron power usage

Alan Grimes alangrimes at starpower.net
Wed Aug 10 14:21:31 PDT 2005

Mark Hahn wrote:
>>22 watts for ONE dimm is significant. for a motherboard with 8 such
>>dimms you end up with a rather huge power budget.

>>>>Anyone know how much the memory could contribute to the overall power load?

>>>fairly minor: I just looked at a micron 512MB dimm that had a 

A while ago I read a memory roundup... The Micron part was dead last,
and shocked both the tester and the company... (A stunning display of
incompitence from one of the industry's pioneers...)

The best ram these days comes from 3 brands: Kingston, Corsair, and OCZ.
(in no particular order..)

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GCC 3.3.6 produces code that's twice as fast on x86!

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