[Beowulf] Begginer questions

Nicholas Papadakos panic at umbrela.org
Sat Aug 6 11:08:33 PDT 2005



I have some machines laying around and I was thinking for the past 3-4
months to make a small Beowulf cluster.

I have tried something similar in the past, but I had used the openmosix


The machines are:


2x p4 at 2.4GHZ

1x p4 at 2.0GHZ

1x p3 at 900MHZ


I was thinking of putting the p3 to do the master node and the rest the
slave nodes( under the assumption that the master node doesn't do anything
else than coordinating the slave nodes).

Reading a bit more about beowulf  I found that the master node needs to be
the most powerfull machine in the cluster? ( this is not very clear to me if
its true or not)

Should I use the p3 as the master or one of the p4?


Also , since I have several spare 100mb Ethernet cards arounds, to put 2 in
each node and bonding them together. Is it worth it?





Nicholas Papadakos




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