[Beowulf] Customize Comparison between Torque(PBS)/SGE and LSF

Sebastian ChiefShadow at gmx.de
Thu Aug 4 00:26:29 PDT 2005


i need some help in choosing my Batch Queuing System alternativly in finding
more advantages/disadvantages.

First i will introduce our cluster and our requirements.

We have a Cluster with 10 Nodes a 2 CPUs.
We use LS-DYNA, a CAE program for Crash Simulation, in a Parallel
Enviroment, that means we use LS-DYNA with LAM/MPI to submit Parallel Jobs.
About 4 User should execute Jobs to the Cluster.
Mostly only 2-3 Jobs are running.

You see the requirements aren't very high, but some things must be
supported, like:

-ressource reservation
-own job prioritisation
-manual job control

Till now we haven't choosen our Batch Strategy, so every system should
support FCFS/Backfill/Fairshare/Exclusive/Preemption&Preemptive.

We will use the LS-DYNA Version 970, LAM/MPI Version 7.0.3 or 7.0.6 and the
newest version from the choosen Batch Queuing System.

With this requirements and the infos from many sides and mailing lists i
found this advantages/disadvantages.

+ Checkpointing/Migration
+ offical LS-DYNA Support
+ all demands are meet
+ GUI & Webinterface
+ Support

- no freeware(expensive)

+ Support (Mailing List)
+ all demands are meet
+ LAM-Support with Reutis Howto
+ Basics for Checkpointing/Migration are available
+ OpenSource

+ Integration Torque and LAM/MPI with the tm-Modul

- requirements only available with MAUI Scheduler
- no GUI when using MAUI (is that right??)
- xpbs&xpbsmon isn't good looking

This is actually my small list with advantages/disadvantes, are there some
wrong or are there some missing?

I read of some problems with PBS when you submit more than hundret jobs the
same time, because i think we don't have more than 20 jobs in a queue this
shouldn't be problematical.

Now i listen what you will tell me and i'm amused of many answers.

Thx and Kind Regards,


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