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Brian D. Ropers-Huilman bropers at cct.lsu.edu
Wed Apr 27 15:35:48 PDT 2005

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Vincent Diepeveen said the following on 2005.04.27 16:39:
> A raid5 array of 2 terabyte costs like $2000-$3000 and it can deliver
> 400-600MB/s i/o hands down when attached to a single machine. So if you
> make the 1 tflop processor, there is no need to worry!
> I'll have to see the first network that can deliver that to a beowulf at
> each processor simultaneously (and more importantly at what price).

There are disk, network, and cluster systems out there that can deliver
400-600 MB/s aggregate IO to >=64 node runs. Talk to other centers and labs
and you will also hear about filesystems that are delivering 1-5 GB/s
across large numbers of nodes, depending on the network configurations.

I realize that your point was really that you wanted to see a whole system
where your 400-600 MB/s was delivered to _each_ node.

My point is that for n~=8 we are already there.

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