[Beowulf] Cluster for Finite Element Analysis

Toon Knapen toon.knapen at fft.be
Mon Apr 25 03:17:27 PDT 2005

Jeffrey B. Layton wrote:


>> 2. What type of cluster should I select for FEA ?
>   If you are using either a commercial package or writing your
> own, network bandwidth it likely to be a bottleneck. So something
> like Myrinet, IB, Quadrics, Dolphin, etc. are good choices. If
> these are too expensive, then GigE is the way to go.
>   For commerical apps, you're going to need lots of IO in
> the nodes.

As Jeffrey mentions later in his mail, the solver is the most important 
part. So before answering the questions to the point, we actually need 
to know the type of solvers you are envisioning.

Direct solvers will generally have to run out-of-core so disk-io is 
indeed important. To maximise the block-size of the out-of-core solver, 
memory is also important. The switch is less important in this case In 
My Experience.

Iterative solvers OTOH have a smaller memory footprint. The switch is a 
little more important as compared with direct solvers IME.

And if you're using explicit solvers (which are hopefully not 
out-of-core ;-), disk-io is not important but a fast processor is. And 
probably a fast interconnect will be important.



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