[Beowulf] OS for 64 bit AMD

David Kewley kewley at gps.caltech.edu
Fri Apr 8 13:33:43 PDT 2005

Tony Travis wrote on Wednesday 06 April 2005 16:39:
> I've used Red Hat Linux for a long time, and I like it. I used FC-1 on
> the desktop and considered it to be the best distribution I'd ever used,
> but I lost faith in FC-2. Not just because the Adaptec Ultra160 SCSI
> drivers were broken, but that it was generally unstable on the same
> (IDE-disk) desktop that I'd run FC-1 on without any problems. The FC-2
> Intel ethernet drivers were also unstable on our DNS server: The same
> server hardware runs reliably under RH-9. I *know* these problems are
> fixable, but at this point my perception of Fedora changed...

Hi Tony,

Have you tried FC3?  Might it be suitable for your applications?  I ask 
because my perception is that FC1 was very good, FC2 brought too many new 
technologies to be all that good, but then FC3 is again polished.  I 
anticipate that FC4 may again be on the hairy edge, if only because of gcc 
changing to 4.0.

If in the old days the mantra was "stay away from RHL x.0 releases", maybe 
it's now "stay away from FCx releases, for even x". :)


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