[Beowulf] Intel Compiler Veraions?

Rajiv jrajiv at hclinsys.com
Mon Sep 20 01:10:51 PDT 2004

Dear Jones,
    I have not tried 8.1 still. But for me Intel 8.0 seems to work slower 
compared to other products in the market like PGI. I have one question to 
ask you. Does Intel 7.1 have GUI editor? I don't find any GUI in Intel 8.0 
which HP and Microsoft visual fortran has.


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> Hi all.
> Well, I basically just reads the messages from tis list, so this
> is the first message you have ever seen from me. ;)
>>From what Icould get following this list, When the first builds of the
> intel compilers verion 8 were released, too many people complainned in
> this list about problems. Don't remember quite well on how much of them
> concerned about disk usage, but I'm almost sure of a few them concerning
> to MEMORY usage. From that, I stayed in version 7.1.
> My question is: from your understandings, How are performing the
> intel compilers versions 8.0 AND 8.1 compared to version 7.1 and between
> them? Is there any well-known problem, anything that would mean that it
> would be a good idea NOT to install them yet? Any performance or excess
> usage or funny behavior (things that compiled in 7.1, and do not compile
> in 8s, besdes being still in the standards?)?
> Thanks a lot with this subject.
> Jones... ;)
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