[Beowulf] CCL:g03c 64bits vs 32 bits for opteron/athlon 64 (fwd from Bertrand.Illien at univ-nantes.fr)

Eugen Leitl eugen at leitl.org
Thu Sep 9 11:46:44 PDT 2004

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From: Bertrand Illien <Bertrand.Illien at univ-nantes.fr>
Date: Thu, 09 Sep 2004 19:17:53 +0200
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Subject: CCL:g03c 64bits vs 32 bits for opteron/athlon 64
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Dear CCLers,

we would like to buy a new computer for use with G03/linux.
have you got few benchs time results of  g03revC. test files ( test397 
is fine)
with 1/ g03 64bits compiled for opteron  (or/and  athlon 64)
       2/ g03 32 bits (compiled for pentium 4) on  the same opteron 
(or/and athlon 64)

does the 64bits compilation vs 32 bits improve performances ?

does the new intel xeon with EM 64  perform better  than  P4 (1MB in 
L2)  with G03 32 bits program ?
thanks for your help.
sincerely yours



Bertrand ILLIEN
Laboratoire de Spectrochimie et Modilisation
EA 1149 - FR CNRS 2465
Faculti des Sciences et Techniques
2, rue de la Houssinihre BP 92208
44322 Nantes Cedex 3 FRANCE
Tel :(+33)(0)2 51 12 55 65 - Fax : 55 67

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