[Beowulf] 3com isa and other ethernet adapter : no link

Alexandre Abbes al.abbes at laposte.net
Sun Sep 5 02:24:19 PDT 2004

Thanks for answering.
I don't think it's a  problem of nvidia hardware. The nvidia adapter works very nicely, there is a driver that comes with the kernel
 ****The thing is : *****
1)  I cannot connect even a pci 3com ethernet card to my isa 3com ethernet adapter, if the latter has been booted with linux. Even the green link led does not light up in the pci adapter (or the nvidia one).

2) I can always connect another 3com isa adapter to the first one. Both machine have Debian linux woody kernel 2.4.20.

I use debian woody kernel 2.4.20.

> I've had significant problems in 2 flavors (SuSE and Redhat/Fedora) of 
> Linux with the Asus nVidia on-board hardware.
> Go into the bios.  Disable the on-board ethernet hardware.  Use the PCI 
> card.  Should work fine from there.  While you're at it, disable the 
> sound and other unneeded periperals.
> Windows has the info on the Asus/nVidia API, which isn't readily or 
> frequently released to the Linux world.
> Alexandre Abbes wrote:
> > Hello,
> > I have a mysterious problem:
> > I own 3 machines, 2 of theme have 3com 3c509B ethernet isa adapter, and the third has a 3com 3c905 pci ethernet adapter (and another included in the mptherboard which is an asus nvidia nforce one).
> > 
> > If I try to link the to machines with 3c509 isa adapter, I have no problem, machines can talk through the cable.
> > 
> > But If I try to link one of these two machines with the third, connecting it to the 3com 3c905 pci or to the nvidia adaper, I cannot get any link. As a matter of fact, the green led of the pci adapter or the nvidia one does not light up when I plug the crossed cable in.
> > 
> > This happens only if I boot on linux (the machine with 3com isa adapter and the other). But if I boot my machine with isa athernet adapter with window$98, then I get the link.
> > 
> > Other problem, which is related to the latter : I have an ADSL bewan ethernet modem, which does not get any link with the 3com is adapters, but works well with the 3com pci or nvidia adapter. On window$98 I always get the link. Then if I make a soft reboot, I keep it, and I can get my adsl connection to the internet.
> > 
> > 
> > I have disabled the plugnplay option with the 3com tool on the 3c509B. I know I don't have any interrupt problem, since I can get the line with another machine.
> > 
> > If anybody has an idea for help, I thank him/her to tell me what he/she thinks of this mystery.
> > 
> > Alexandre Abbes
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