[Beowulf] CLIC 2.0 Questions

Timo Mechler mechti01 at luther.edu
Fri Sep 3 23:29:30 PDT 2004

Hi all,

After having faced some hardware incompatibilites with Rocks Linux, I've
downloaded CLIC 2.0 from Mandrake (based of Mandrake Linux 9.0) in hopes
of implementing it on my newly built cluster of older machines (PII, PIII
class).  Installation has gone pretty well so far, but I do have some
question.  Unfortunately, the documentation available is pretty sparse so
I'm hoping some of you guys have experience with CLIC.

The first question I have is about adding nodes.  When you run the server
setup script it automatically creates one default node.  This works fine,
but what do I do once I have two or more nodes set up?  Is there a script
I can run, or file I can edit that will reflect my adding nodes on the

Also, supposedly you can use two network interfaces on the nodes, one for
administration and one for just message passing.  Could any explain to me
how this might work?  The setup right now is as follows.  The server has
two network interfaces:  one for the external network, one for the
internal network.  The internal interface has DCHP bound to it and serves
out addresses to the nodes.  This interface is used for message passing. 
How would a second interface work on the nodes?  Would it just be all
static IP's that I could then access from the server?  Would the server
then have to have another (third) network interface as well (I'm thinking
of using two different switches if this is possible) for this to be
possible?  As you can tell, I'm somewhat confused of how this is supposed
to work.

Thanks in advance for your help.


-Timo Mechler

Timo R. Mechler
mechti01 at luther.edu

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