[Beowulf] PVM log limitations

Patrick Begou Patrick.Begou at hmg.inpg.fr
Thu Nov 25 07:39:21 PST 2004

We are working on a ten nodes beowulf cluster and the application is 
running with PVM. Time to time one of the slave crashes (not pvmd).
On the slave nodes, the /tmp/pvml.xxx file do not contains any 
information, just saying that the process seems to be died.

On the master node, the /tmp/pvml.xxx file ends by "login truncated" and 
it is only loging the first hours of calculation. The crash occur after 
several days of calculation.

I was unable to find any information about how to force login not to be 
interrupted on the master node, nor in the PVM doc, nor in the numerous 
Web documents.

Does somebody knows how to force pvm not stopping login the standart 
output in the master's /tmp/pvml.xxx file ?

Thanks for your help

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