[Beowulf] Mailing solution with Beowulf

Subhash K V subhashk at hclinsys.com
Tue Nov 23 06:41:16 PST 2004


I am subhash from HCL Insys, India. One of our customer wants to implement a mailing Linux Based Mailing solution (Qmail or Sendmail) with any of the web mail(squirrel mail or Horde) as front end. The number of usersis 8000 and the number of concurrent users is 5000.

We are thinking of using Linux clustering for this case, because the number of users and concurrent users is high we need to think of some kind of load balancing and performance

Can u please tell me the scope of Beowulf clustering in thei scenario, is there anyn proble in using Beowulf with qmail and webmail?

Subhash K V
Software Engineer,HCL Infosystems Ltd,

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