[Beowulf] Register article on Opteron - disagree

Robert G. Brown rgb at phy.duke.edu
Mon Nov 22 17:05:59 PST 2004

On Mon, 22 Nov 2004, Donald Becker wrote:

> > > Personally, I think if Don wants to limit posts to list member, that's
> > > fine.  But he shouldn't choose a few list members to automatically get
> > > their posts approved, and others who don't.
> Don't have much experience running big lists, eh?  There are spammers
> clever enough to subscribe before posting, along with "Astroturf"
> posters generating pseudo-grass-roots interest in a product or project.

Ya got me there.  Although, as always, your responses are an education
in and of themselves...;-)

> We are currently "ahead", so I'm not motivated to change the current
> process.  Very few undesirable messages get through, and approved
> messages are sent to all reachable subscribers in less than five
> minutes.  In the final tally, most people will accept moderation delays
> in return for avoiding low content density.

You might put a bit of this in a FAQ somewhere, as it is close to one.
I've had people asking me the answer to this offline a half-dozen times,
I think out of jealousy that I tend to go through quickly because I'm a
very conservative poster (in terms of where I come from, spam-like

I'm just glad that the list works and DOES keep out spam well enough
that my local filters have very little work to do.


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