[Beowulf] Register article on Opteron - disagree

Douglas Eadline, Cluster World Magazine deadline at linux-mag.com
Mon Nov 22 13:36:21 PST 2004

> However, I guess it's understandable since, as rgb points out, the Top500
> is an advertising thing anyway. Doug Eadline has a great quote about
> the SuperComputer show and the Top500. I can't repeat the quote here,
> but it has something to do with "size." After experiencing the show, the
> observation is ABSOLUTELY right on target.

As not to leave everyone wondering about my trade-show quote. After 20
years of attending various trade-shows and having seen every possible
partnership/deal/product/what-ever pitched to me in the space of 2-3 days,
I at one point many years ago made the statement "It seems everybody has a
big (insert Freudian measure of worth here) at a trade-show."

It was probably on the third day of a some random show in need of sleep
and a meal where I don't have to stand to eat.


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