[Beowulf] Infiniband price (was: torus versus (fat) tree topologies)

Nicolas Jungers nj at hemeris.com
Sun Nov 21 10:11:36 PST 2004

On Sun, 2004-11-21 at 18:45, Craig Tierney wrote:
> Most of the Infiniband vendors I have talked to are pricing their
> equipment to be cost competitive with Myrinet PCIX-D systems.  Some
> have different ideas of what their value add is for commodity 
> hardware, but those who get the HPC market are trying to take 
> Myricom's market to start.
> I don't have exact pricing for Infiniband but I wouldn't pay
> more than $1000 per port for a complete system (card/cables/switches)
> for a large system (requiring more than 1 switch).  If vendor
> A won't do it, just go ask vendor B.
> Craig 

I've got a talk with a local infiniband vendor in August. When I told
him that I'd investigate infiniband when under 500 EUR per ports for a
small cluster (up to 64 nodes), he told me that he should be able to bid
for the end of the year. Now, I'm perfectly happy with GE, but fat pipe
and low latency for bargain price may lure me :-)


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