[Beowulf] Register article on Opteron - disagree

john.hearns at clustervision.com john.hearns at clustervision.com
Sat Nov 20 15:34:30 PST 2004

I spotted this article on The Register.


As someone who has installed Opteron clusters, including what I believe was the
first in the UK (used for computational chemistry, and going strong),
I disagree with this article.
Opteron are alive and kicking.

What's more the article confuses 'supercomputer' with '(super)computer in
the Top 500'
and also makes no mention of EMT64/Nocona. The artcle says Xeon/Itanium,
then goes on to talk about 32 bit Xeon.

The fact that there are fewer Opteron based systems in the Top 500 is
irrefutable (I didn't know this) but it makes me uneasy to extrapolate
this to the impending death of a CPU.

I DO agree (and let's have some debate here) that Nocona is bound to make
big inroads.

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