[Beowulf] New person to building a beowulf cluster

Andrew ams015 at uncp.edu
Tue Nov 9 15:09:20 PST 2004

Recently took on a project doing a Beowulf cluster and I have configured the
files necessary to run MPICH-1.2.6 to run on 3 computers using Red Hat
7.2(following directions). I am running into a problem where I can not run
it on my two slave nodes(yet I can run it on my master node) it will pause
for a while and then says p4_error: Could not get host by name for host
node0.home.net I think it might have something to do with the way I
configured my hosts file in which the first line is the node name, second
line is local host, and third is my master node (node0).  Anyone have any
other suggestions or comments as to what I should check?



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