[Beowulf] licensing issues for Fortran compiler on cluster

Jonathan Ennis-King Jonathan.Ennis-King at csiro.au
Sun May 23 23:14:09 PDT 2004

I'm contemplating building a small cluster (10-12 nodes), and want to 
clarify the current situtation for licensing of Fortran compilers, so 
that I can compile some Fortran90 MPI code. From the archives I see that 
early last year there was discussion about the license for the Lahey 
Fortran compiler restricting one to running on clusters of a certain 
designated size (depending on cost of the license). Now looking at the 
Absoft website, they seem to have license costs for clusters of various 
sizes as well. So the question:

  Which Fortran90 compiler vendors (if any) allow one to compile on a 
single machine, link again relevant libraries and run on a cluster of 
arbitrary size, WITHOUT having to pay based on the size of the cluster?

   Jonathan Ennis-King
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