[Beowulf] raw ethernet

Tim Mattox tmattox at gmail.com
Sat Jul 24 15:57:13 PDT 2004

Doing PXE/DHCP on a node with custom MAC addresses is "interesting"...
My FNN runtime tools do use custom MAC addresses, and I've found that
some NICs hold their custom MAC address through a warm reboot, but not
a cold reboot.  While other NICs revert their MAC address to the factory
setting on either a cold or warm boot.  I can only guess that there is some
NIC out there that would remember it's custom MAC even after a cold reboot,
just to cover all the bases... ;-)

BTW - a new version of Warewulf will support having multiple MAC addresses
per node... (the same version that will directly support my FNN runtime stuff).
I expect to post this stuff on http://aggregate.org/FNN/ sometime next month.
It will also be available on the http://warewulf-cluster.org/ website then.

Argh, I did it again... I made a prediction on a software release date...
Okay, so this stuff will be available by November for sure.
Of which year, I won't say. ;-)

On Thu, 22 Jul 2004 17:30:18 +0100, John Hearns
<john.hearns at clustervision.com> wrote:
> One other thought from me is that if you use PXE booting you'd probably
> have to have two pools of IP addresses - as the node would boot with its
> hardware MAC and do PXE using that. So a 'temporary' DHCP pool for that.
> Then when the system pivot-roots or whatever and you change the MAC you
> would have to get another DHCP lease.

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