[Beowulf] OT: Getting rid of old hardware

Alan Ward award at andorra.ad
Thu Jul 22 09:18:44 PDT 2004

Sorry for this OT message, but I'm guessing many of you will have come 
across similar circumstances and can help us.

The local Min. of Education needs to get rid of some Really Old (TM) 
hardware; 8088- to 486-based PCs plus their nasty, ecologically 
unfriendly screens, etc. Using them as terminals is not an option - too 
expensive to maintain 'cause of the labor costs, generally 
unsatisfactory for the users. Using them as training materials is also 
out - they're just too far from modern stuff. Paying a company to take 
them away for recycling has not been budgetted, and most likely will 
never be.

Any ideas or experiences you could share?

Alan Ward
Escola Andorrana de Batxillerat

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