[Beowulf] LINPACK on Beowulf

hdgf dfgdfgfd dj_sundal at yahoo.com
Sat Jul 17 10:29:26 PDT 2004

Hello All,
               I have made a Beowulf cluster as part of a research project I am working on. It consists of 4 compute nodes (PII 350 MHz) and one worldly node (PII 400 MHz). I'm in the bench marking phase of the research and am trying to get some performance numbers using LINPACK. 
            From what I understand, in a pure Beowulf cluster, the worldly node does not take part in any calculation/processing of the code. It is only responsible for I/O, monitoring, scheduling, parallelizing and such. Therefore to stay true to the Beowulf topology, I run the LINPACK test using the following mpirun command:
                 mpirun -np 4 -nolocal xhlp
         Which would exclude the worldly node from the run. Am i correct in my assumption and is this the right way to run LINPACK on a Beowulf. Thanks in advance.

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