[Beowulf] EM64T Clusters

Tim Small tim at buttersideup.com
Fri Jul 16 02:45:42 PDT 2004

Greg Lindahl wrote:

>It's definitely an _interesting_ process -- we can't get ours to boot,
>and we can't get a PCI Express video card to try to diagnose it.
>That's something you can't buy at Fry's.
>As far as compilers, the AMD64 version of gcc only needs one tweak to
>avoid the instruction that Intel screwed up.
There was a note regarding DMA, and the lack of an IOMMU on the EM64T 
machines - something else that Intel changed vs. AMD64 - on LWN a couple 
of weeks ago.  Mmm, a big chunk of RAM reserved at boot time for bounce 
buffers....  Nice design.



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