[Beowulf] VIA C3 Benchmarks?

Glen Gardner Glen.Gardner at verizon.net
Thu Jul 15 14:56:24 PDT 2004

Sorry to be so slow to respond.

I have a 14 node mini-itx cluster using EPIA V8000A motherboards.
The peak performance is 5.3 GFLP and 10,400 MIPS
In actual use, I'm getting an estimated 3.6 GFLP.

The small size, low power use and low heat emission is rather nice for 
home use (I live in a small efficiency apartment).
It is not exactly what I'd call "big iron", but it is not a toy computer 
either, you can do serious work with it, and the
price is dirt cheap for a 14 node parallel computing machine. The 
original 12 node configuration cost just under $3500 for everything, and 
I've since added a new NFS server and gigabit ethernet, and backup hard 
drives for storage.  Total cost is about $4200 thus far.

Adding gigabit cards and two full size hard drives really increased the 
peak power dissipation a lot, but it is still rather now for the number 
of nodes in use.

You can find info on the original configuratoin of the mini cluster at 
mini-itx.com and on my personal web page(see url below).


Glen E. Gardner, Jr.


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