[Beowulf] Bioinformatics Benchmark System v3 rc1 ready

Jan-Frode Myklebust janfrode at parallab.uib.no
Mon Jul 12 03:27:51 PDT 2004

It failed to run because of perl-dependencies on my ppc970 running
RHEL 3 AS...  Instead of fixing the problem (it's not directly on the
internet, so getting modules from CPAN is a problem), I just picked
the benchmark-setup from the scripts and ran them by hand.  It would
be nice if you could just skip the fancy xml input/output, and thereby
reduce the complexity of it.. I mean, shouldn't it be fairly easy to 
write the whole bbs in plain bourne shell ?  

The blast benchmarks seems to require quite a bit of memory..  The
test-systems we've gotten only have 1 GB memory, and that seems to be
too little to run the blast benchmark without hitting swap, or
fighting buffer cache. So, it would be nice if the memory requirement
were reduced..

Also, it would be great if you could collect the results from the
bbs-runs on different platforms and publish them on a webpage, a'la


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