[Beowulf] passwordless "rsh" login

Brian Dobbins brian.dobbins at yale.edu
Fri Jul 9 12:53:26 PDT 2004

> Things bad about ssh:
>  i) relatively slow
>  j) cannot select "no encryption" as option even on secure networks

  Just to add two cents - you can, if you wish, specify to use Blowfish
or AES as your cipher, which is faster than 3DES (the default on most
openssh systems I've seen).

  This will work right out of the box, and is as simple as:

  "ssh -c blowfish user at host" (for Blowfish)

  (Or you can change it in your ssh_config file, I believe)

  There used to be patches for null ciphers, but I'm not sure if they're
still maintained, as it's really (obviously) not advisable.  

  - Brian

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